Why move to Orangevale, CA?

Why move to Orangevale, CA?

You’ll want to determine where you want to live before you start looking for a house. Demographics, surrounding schools, facilities, the local culture, and other variables may all impact where you choose to live.


Whether you’re thinking of relocating to Orangevale, CA, there are a few things you can do to see if it’s the right place for you.


With a community of 34,824, Orangevale is a Sacramento suburb located in Sacramento County. Inhabitants of Orangevale enjoy a sparse suburban vibe, with most residents owning their houses.


There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Orangevale, and it is a conservative community with many families and young professionals. In addition, Orangevale’s public schools are above average.


Here’s why you should move to Orangevale.


Schools & Colleges in Orangevale

The concept of a quality education varies based on what individuals are searching for; for example, some people may be interested in schools with vital athletic programs, while others may be interested in institutions that better educate people for further education.


Orangevale isn’t the most costly town in California by a mile, but the caliber of the schools available will astound you.


The San Juan Unified School District and the Golden Valley River School District, which have 100% of their schools rated “Above Average” by GreatSchools, serve the town.


Oakview Community Elementary, Golden Valley River Middle School, and Casa Roble Fundamental High are some of the best schools.


Rest assured that your child will receive a top-notch curriculum throughout your time in Orangevale!


The Sacramento Public Library serves Orangevale’s library needs.


Variety Of Things To Do In Orangevale

Grocery shops, eating alternatives, and parks are all things that may make a big difference in your everyday life.


Orangevale isn’t simply a sleepy suburb; there are plenty of family-friendly attractions and fantastic retail opportunities to be found and enjoyed.


Orangevale, CA, residents have various eating alternatives, including Argos Caffè, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, or Coffee Republic Café for a morning cup of coffee, and Ashley’s Country Kitchen, SUBWAY, or Country Waffles for a quiet weekend brunch.


In Orangevale, CA, dessert establishments such as Baja Fresh, Julian’s Pâtesserie & Cafe, and Dairy Queen are excellent choices for satisfying your sweet craving.


Residents love sliders from Five Guys, Nation’s Giant Hamburgers, or The Habit Burger Grill. Locals also crave burritos from Valencias Mexican Food Restaurant, Adanberto’s, or Adalberto’s Mexican Food.


Trader Joe’s, Raley’s, Vic’s IGA Supermarket, and Cable Park Shopping Center are just a handful of the local supermarkets in Orangevale, CA.


Family Recreational Activities In Orangevale

It’s good to get out and about and get some fresh air now and again, no matter where you reside.


If the horse paths and orchards don’t entice you enough during your visit to Orangevale, Norma Hamlin Park’s playground and picnic spots could.


In addition, the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail runs around Lake Natomas, allowing you to walk in a wide-open space near the water.


When the weather is nice, this location features trees along the lake, and walkers, bike riders, and runners may be found here.


Another site where you may access water, swim, or kayak is the Negro Bar Recreation Area.


Activities for Youngsters around the Orangevale

Access to neighboring parks, playgrounds, childcare centers, and highly rated preschools is critical for families with children.


The Park at Andrew Carnegie Middle School, Hillsborough Park, and the Orangevale Community Center & Pool are among the parks and playgrounds in Orangevale, CA.


These playgrounds offer excellent leisure opportunities for both children and adults. During the summer, families may have a beautiful picnic in the shade or walk along the route as a weekend activity with the kids.


Additionally, it is critical to be close to decent childcare centers, primarily if the parents work full-time.


Claire’s Montessori International Academy, My Friends Pediatric Daycare, Sunrise Preschool, and Joy of Children Preschool are among the many daycare choices available in Orangevale, CA, for young families.


It’s also advantageous to be close to urgent care clinics like Doctors Express Urgent Care, Urgent Md, and Action Urgent Care.


A lot of Opportunities Around The Area

According to Payscale, anyone looking to make a living in Orangevale should know that earnings and living costs have been growing.


Office Manager and Registered Dental Assistant are the most sought-after occupations. Meanwhile, California Family Fitness is the area’s top employer. The average annual salary in Orangevale is $75k, with an average hourly wage of $18.36.


If you live in Orangevale, you have many job prospects, especially in the health and fitness business.


Final Words On Why Move To Orangevale, CA

People who live in costly cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, or San Diego should consider relocating to Orangevale.


In Orangevale, you’ll discover more inexpensive homes, as well as just about everything else. There is also a gentler pace of life here and excellent public schools than in other parts of the country.


You’ll be close enough to Sacramento to take advantage of some of the city’s cultural offerings while not being in the thick of it.


Let us help you find your mobile home community, visit our website and let’s get started.

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