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Why You Should Consider Retiring to Orangevale, CA

You’ll want to determine where you want to live before you start looking for a house. Demographics, facilities, lifestyle, the local culture, and other variables may all impact where you choose to live.

In your golden years, you may want to consider relocating to Orangevale, CA. And there are a few things you can do to determine whether it’s the right place for you.

Orangevale is in Sacramento County, which has a population of around 30,000. Its inhabitants enjoy a sparse suburban vibe, and most own their houses.

This beautiful city is bursting with charm and character that will leave you feeling right at home. It is also a conservative community with many families and young professionals.

With its abundance of parks, cafes, restaurants, and shops to explore, it’s no surprise that this small town has been steadily growing into a great place to live.

A Brief History of Orangevale, California

Orangevale got its name from the orange groves planted inside the large agricultural area known as the 1884 Santa Juanita Grant of the Mexican government. The suburb is in the East San Francisco Bay Area, about 40 minutes outside of Sacramento. The city covers approximately 25 square miles and has a population of about 33,960, per the 2010 census.

Orangevale is a great place for those seeking a small-town experience. Although the city itself is not very large, it offers plenty of nearby attractions and activities. Additionally, it is close to major highways and airports, making it easy to get around the area.

Why Move to Orangevale, CA

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should move to Orangevale, CA:

1. Lots of Beautiful Home Options

This city has experienced steady growth over the past few years, resulting in a wide variety of housing options to accommodate every budget. Therefore, moving to Orangevale means you have an affordable option, specifically with mobile home communities.

Mobile home communities are a unique part of the Orangevale housing market like Heritage Oak Glen, which lies in the heart of the highly coveted Pheasant Hills. With a sparkling and luxurious spa, this community strikes the balance between comfort and affordability.

Heritage Oak Glen pool

2. Active Lifestyle

Grocery shops, attractions, and activity centers are things that may make a big difference in your everyday life.

Why move to Orangevale, CA? Orangevale isn’t a sleepy suburb; there are plenty of family-friendly attractions and fantastic retail opportunities to be found and enjoyed!

Trader Joe’s, Raley’s, and Cable Park Shopping Center are just a handful of the local supermarkets in Orangevale.

Living in Orangevale means you’ll always have plenty to do. From arts and culture events to historical pieces, the Folsom History Museum offers everything you need to make the most of your time.

Also, don’t miss Norma Hamlin Park, which has everything for a fun afternoon, including a playground, basketball courts, and an outdoor pool. If you want to enjoy nature while getting some exercise, be sure to visit Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail.

3. Great Food Options

If you’re a foodie who likes to try new dishes, Orangevale has you covered. This city offers a wide variety of cultural cuisines, ranging from Italian to Chinese to Mexican.

Craving to try something new? Simply walk down Madison Ave. and Sunset Blvd., and there’s a good chance you’ll discover a new restaurant that piques your interest.

In Orangevale, dessert establishments such as Baja Fresh and Dairy Queen are excellent choices for satisfying your sweet craving.

Additionally, Orangevale is close to larger cities where you can find a variety of other food choices.

4. Safe Place To Live

Are you worried about your safety if you move to Orangevale? You shouldn’t be.

Orangevale is a safe city. In fact, it has been named one of the safest cities in California for the past few years.

This city has an excellent police force that is ready and willing to protect its citizens. Additionally, Orangevale is located in a valley, making it easy to reach safety in the event of an emergency. The surrounding hills provide easy escape routes from danger, allowing people to head to safety.

5. Easy Commute From Orangevale

One of the best things about living in Orangevale is that seniors and retirees have easy access to other major cities.

If you enjoy visiting San Jose, a quick drive over the bridge will get you there in no time. And if you prefer the charm of Sacramento, driving over the mountains is your way to go.

And since Orangevale is close to other major cities, it’s easy to explore and stay active.

Heritage Oak Glen: A Senior Mobile Home Community Waiting To Be Called Your Home

Heritage Mobile home park in Orangevale, CA
Heritage Oak Glen is a senior mobile home park in Orangevale, CA, designed for 55-year-olds and older who seek a community-centered lifestyle in a serene setting. We’re in the sought-after Pheasant Hills neighborhood, surrounded by lush foliage and a picturesque creek.Despite its tranquil rural setting, the park offers proximity to the urban amenities of nearby Sacramento, such as local shopping centers, dining establishments, healthcare facilities, community parks, and various engaging local events. Our convenient location enables hassle-free visits from Folsom, Roseville, Fair Oaks, and Citrus Heights, all just minutes away.Residents benefit from well-maintained on-site facilities, including:
  • Walking paths
  • Swimming pool and spa
  • Community clubhouse with communal kitchen
  • Billiards
  • Library
  • Dog park
  • RV storage
  • Sauna
  • Work out equipment
Best decision I could have made was to move here. I love my house and the low maintenance I have now. Very nice park in a perfect location. Great neighbors. Activities, beautiful pool, billiards, and lots more. The neighborhood is perfect for walking too.
Heritage Oak Glen

For information on available mobile homes for sale in Heritage Oak Glen, send a message here or call (916) 988-6668. We can help you on your journey to move to Orangedale.

Final Words

People who live in costly cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, or San Diego should consider moving to Orangevale.

In Orangevale, you’ll discover more inexpensive homes, as well as just about everything else. There is also a gentler pace of life here, and you’ll be close enough to Sacramento to take advantage of some of its offerings.

Be the next resident of Orangevale—check out Heritage Oak Glen. Retirees and empty-nesters looking to enjoy community living in a beautiful environment in the Pheasant Hills neighborhood will love it here.

The people here are adults and everybody has a friendly attitude and act like adults. If you choose to upgrade your space nobody has a problem with it and only give compliments. The management is just down to earth and good natured. She shows respect to everybody equally and the same in return. I believe I can be happy living here. A nice place to live.
To learn more about Heritage Oak Glan and see why you should move to Orangevale, fill out this website form or call (916) 988-6668. Let us help you find your mobile home community.

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