Is Orangevale, CA a Good Place to Live?

Moving to another location can be a big decision for most people. You’ll want to know the general atmosphere of that area, as well as its crime rate, weather, work opportunities and more.


In this blog, we’ll focus our attention on Orangevale, CA. Is Orangevale, CA, a good place to live? Let’s find out.


Moving to Orangevale, CA: The Overall Vibe

In brief, moving to Orangevale, CA, is an excellent idea. It’s a peaceful location, and the surrounding environment is perfect for a family with a laid-back perspective on life.


As of 2022, there are over 35,000 residents in Orangevale, CA. 82.44% of those are White, followed by (10%), Asians (2.5%), African Americans (1.66%), Native Americans (.047%) and Pacific Islanders (0.22%)


Let’s get into more details below.


A Glimpse of Life in Orangevale, CA

1. Weather

In terms of weather, Orangevale, CA, is categorized by the BestPlaces Comfort Index as having a score of 8.2. 10 being the best.


May, June, and October are considered the most delightful months in the area. Conversely, January and December are the least comfortable months.


2. Schools

Orangevale, CA, is one of the best places in the state for public schools. The math and reading proficiency of these education institutions are remarkably high.


For elementary schools, Oakview Community Elementary School occupies the top. It has a 9/10 academic progress. That means students in this school have solid academic skills, allowing them more significant gains compared to their peers in the entire state.


The Golden Valley Charter School of Sacramento is the best middle school. It has a summary rating of 7/10 for its academic progress.


Students in this school are advancing faster than in other educational institutions in the state. That includes low-income students studying in the school.


Finally, we have the Casa Roble Fundamental High School. Its summary rating is 5/10, with college readiness at 7/10. That means students graduating from this school are ready to take on the challenges presented by colleges and universities.


On top of that, the school has a 97% 4-year high school graduation rate. Students also have a 72% chance of pursuing a college education within 12 months of graduating.


3. Crime rate

Regarding crime rates, Orangevale, CA, is graded as B. That means crimes in the area are lower than in the average US city.


However, that depends on the location in question. For example, the people in Orangevale consider the southeast parts dangerous since there are 127 crimes committed there each year. Conversely, the southwest part is the safest having only nine crimes in a typical year.


Of course, it’s important to remember that crimes happen where people are. In other words, just because an area is considered unsafe doesn’t mean the people living there face the same level of danger. It simply means there are destinations there that people typically visit, like retail establishments.


Moreover, residents in Orangevale, CA, own their homes and have conservative views. Both factors heavily contribute to the area’s low crime rate.


Even mobile home parks in Orangevale, CA, are safe. Heritage Oak Glen, for instance, has a peaceful community where residents feel secure and protected.


Living in Orangevale, CA: A Tranquil Neighborhood

So is Orangevale, CA, a good place to live? The answer is a resounding yes.


From the school and weather to the crime rate and overall atmosphere, Orangevale, CA, is a great place to settle down.


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