How to Winterize Your Mobile Home Orangevale

Sealing mobile home doors for winter

How to Winterize Your Mobile Home Orangevale

Winter is coming. And that means making preparations to protect your mobile home Orangevale from the freezing temperatures, which can cause your pipes to burst and its foundation to crack. Prepping your house is particularly important if you’re going away for more than a month. 


When people say winterization, they often refer to turning off the water system, removing all the water from the plumbing system, and draining the water heater. However, many forget about the importance of making one’s home more energy efficient in times when our heating system runs full blast. 


Read on our tips to protect your mobile home Orangeville from the cold weather and keep a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the season. 


Inspect your water heater


Check your water heater for cracks and other telltale signs that often first appear in the drain lines and valves. If you see signs of damage, you should immediately call a pro. However, you may want to consider buying a new one if it’s more than 10-15 years old. 


Winterize your windows  


Did you know that up to 30% of heat escapes through drafty windows? Not only does it cause the indoor temperature in your home to fluctuate, but it also spikes up your electricity bills.


There are many ways to winterize or weatherstrip your windows; you can do this using films, foam tapes, rubber, or a combination of these materials. You may also want to apply double or triple glazing or install additional window panes to further improve your home’s energy efficiency. 


Weatherproof your door  


Weatherproofing your door is a simple DIY project that only requires filling all the cracks and holes with caulking. Just make sure that you wait for the caulk to dry completely before applying another layer as needed. 


You may also need to weatherstrip the door frame by applying door snakes, also called door sweep or draft stoppers. Simply attach them in front of the bottom of the door to prevent the cold air outside from creeping in. 


Don’t turn off your heating system  


Some people think that turning off their heating system is one good way to save electricity. However, this practice could spell an expensive disaster–i.e., the pipes could freeze and burst and the foundation could crack. 


To prevent damages caused by freezing weather, make sure that your thermostat is not set lower than 50-60 Fahrenheit. You may also want to insulate your pipes if you live in a region that experiences a harsh winter season. 


Allow your water faucet to trickle


A little water movement is a great hack to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting; this is particularly important if you have exposed pipes and you live in a region with freezing weather. (FYI, this will have a very minimal effect on your water bill.)


Install heat tapes  


At a glance, they look like electrical extension cords. They are designed to produce heat so they are often plugged into an outlet to protect the pipes from freezing temperatures. They are also installed onto the roof to prevent ice dams from damaging its edges, the gutters, and downspouts. 


Install your radiator near a window  


If you’re using radiators to keep your mobile home Orangevale warm, place them in the coldest part, which is usually the window. However, make sure that you keep them away from furniture, curtains, or anything that may catch fire. 


Install new insulation 


If your mobile home is drafty and the indoor temperature fluctuates between rooms, you may need to improve its insulation. Fortunately, you don’t need to hire a pro if you use certain types of insulation that you can install by yourself. 


Inspect your skirting 


In mobile homes, the skirting is the panel or wall that wraps around its bottom part, protecting the HVAC system, pipes, wiring, etc. Make sure that before the temperature dips, you have already inspected it for holes and damages. 


Final Word 


Now that you know how easy it is to winterize mobile homes, you may want to check out a charming community called Heritage Oak Glen, which is located in the Pheasant Hills neighborhood of Orangevale, California. 


Despite the community’s small town vibe, it’s located just a short drive from shopping centers, restaurants, medical facilities, and public parks. To learn more about this hidden gem, visit Heritage Oak Glen or call us at 916-988-6668.


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