Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids and Kids at Heart

If you want to be extra festive this holiday season, why not host a party? Here we list some fun Halloween party games for kids and kids at heart.


Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

Turn your table into a huge tic-tac-toe board with tape. Then, place some cute little pumpkins that will serve as your game pieces.


Spider Races

Each kid gets a straw to blow a plastic spider. The winner is the one who gets his arachnid across the finish line first.


Mummy Wrap Contest

Buy some cheap rolls, crepe paper streamers, or toilet paper. Then, split the kids into two teams and assign one child for each group to be the mummy while the rest of the teammates are in charge of wrapping him.


The winning team will be the one to wrap up their teammate with tissue paper the fastest.


To spice things up a bit, you can dim the lights and turn on the music, so the teammates will find it difficult to communicate while wrapping up their mummy. This classic Halloween game is a surefire way to get everyone giggling.


Witch Hat Ring Toss

You can create cone-shaped witch hats using cardboard and rings by cutting the center out of paper plates.


Halloween Scavenger Hunt

You can print out free Halloween scavenger hunt cards and set up clues around your yard and/or house. Make sure that you fill a pumpkin with candies, knick-knacks, and other prizes for the winner.


Halloween Heads-Up

Select a Halloween-themed category and write words or phrases associated with it on cards, which the players hold up to their forehead so their teammates can see the words and describe these until the players can make the right guess.


Halloween Charade

This game is almost similar to the heads-up, although the difference is that instead of verbal cues, the players need to “act out” a phrase or word so their teammates can make the right guess. Meanwhile, the team that can guess it first is the winner.


Bean Bag Toss Game

Carve a large hole in one large and one medium pumpkins, scoop out the seeds and pulp, and then cut out two squinty eyes above the hole to give these winter squashes a Halloween face. Then, using skewers, stack the smaller pumpkin on top of the larger one.


The rule of the game is to toss bean bags into the pumpkin’s mouths and award 5 points for the bottom and 10 points for the top.


Donut-Eating Contest

Hang donuts from a string so the players can eat them as fast as possible without using their hands. This classic Halloween party game is a great way to take funny photos.


Ghost Cups

Draw a ghost face on several white plastic cups, which you need to stack up high. Then, the rule of the game is to knock them down by throwing a ball (even a Nerf gun) 10 feet away.


Find Something in a Haystack

Kids have to search for their prizes like candy eyeballs, chocolates, or toys, in a stack of hay.


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