7 Tips to Keep Your Mobile Home Looking Brand New This Summer

Maintain your home’s paint job

7 Tips to Keep Your Mobile Home Looking Brand New This Summer

You spend a lot of time in your mobile home, especially during the summer. The hot and humid weather can take its toll on your home’s appearance. You might notice dirt settling in, leaves sticking to your siding, or other small signs that things aren’t quite right. It’s important to keep your mobile home looking brand new. 


A neglected mobile home can devalue it if you were to ever sell it. Fortunately, keeping it clean is not that difficult and does not take much time at all. To help you get through this hot summer with a sparkling mobile home, here are some tips to keep it looking new all year long!

1. Create a cleaning schedule


A schedule will help you stay on top of your cleaning. You don’t want to let cleaning fall to the bottom of your to-do list. Instead, make it a part of your normal routine. You can start small by cleaning the areas that are most visible first. Then, make a note of the areas that need cleaning, but are not as noticeable, and include them in your next cleaning session. This will help you get ahead of dirt and keep it from settling in.


2. Mobile home community rules


Before you start cleaning your mobile home, it’s important to understand the rules in your mobile home community. Mobile home parks are places where many people live. Every community has different rules. To avoid getting in trouble, it’s important to know what you can and can’t do. For example, you must be careful when using cleaning products around the home. Some cleaning products are fine, but others can be very dangerous. If you have never used a cleaning product before, make sure that you read the label. If there are any warnings on the label, don’t use the product.


3. Wash the outside of your home


Exterior walls and siding are an excellent place to start when cleaning your home. This part of your home is highly visible and will show signs of wear and tear quickly. You can easily clean it by using a high-pressure water sprayer. A high-pressure water sprayer will blast away dirt and grime from the outside of your home and will also work to remove any mildew or mold that could be growing on your siding. You can also use a cleaning solution to wipe down the exterior walls on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.


4. Get rid of dirt on windows and doors


Windows and doors collect a lot of dirt between cleanings. To remove this dirt, you can use a soft-bristled brush, a microfiber cloth, or a squeegee. For windows, you can use water to rinse them off, and for doors, you can use a cleaning solution. The best cleaning products for windows are non-abrasive so that you don’t scratch them.


5. Maintain your home’s paint job


Painting your home is a great way to maintain its appearance and make it look new. But it’s not always necessary. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can hide small scratches in your home’s paint job, while other times it would be better to repaint. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to hire a contractor or expert to inspect your home and help you decide which option is best. This is especially important if you’re repainting your home or if you’ve noticed signs of damage.


6. Don’t ignore the small things


Don’t ignore the small things. Small issues can turn into larger ones if they aren’t dealt with quickly. For example, if you notice peeling paint, don’t just let it go. It will only get worse if left unattended. This is also true for mildew. If you notice it growing, take care of it before it gets worse and spreads through your home. Pay attention to small signs of damage and take action as soon as possible. This will ensure that nothing gets out of hand.


7. Be ready to respond to bad smells


Unfortunately, you’re going to have to deal with bad smells at some point. This can happen if you have pets, you are near a farm, or if you leave food out too long. The best thing you can do is monitor the situation and make sure you’re prepared to deal with it. Make sure you have plenty of air freshener on hand so that you always have a way to deal with bad smells.




Keeping your mobile home clean is an important part of owning a mobile home. Your investment will last longer and look better if you take care of it. This will also make it a more pleasant place to spend your time. Cleaning your mobile home doesn’t have to be a big chore. You can break it up into smaller tasks and make it easier on yourself.


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