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5 Fun and Easy DIY Projects For Your Mobile Home

Your mobile home is a blank canvas ready to be customized. There are so many ways to customize your mobile home that it can get overwhelming, so here are some ideas for easy DIY projects that will help you create the perfect space.


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Brighten up your door with LED lights

LED lights are always a fun addition to any space. They illuminate the room, they’re super easy to install, and, best of all, they’re energy-efficient!


You can place them outside or inside your home, depending on what feels right for you. Because LED lights are so flexible in design, you can choose each element to suit your vision perfectly. Whether it’s single-color strip lights or multi-color fairy lights, you’ll be sure to find the exact option you’ve been looking for.


Give the place a pop with an accent wall

To create an accent wall that aligns with the rest of your decor, you can paint your own mural or get a peel-and-stick wallpaper. Simply choose one wall in your mobile home to revamp, and soon you’ll have a stunning focal point that gives the whole place an unforgettable flair.


A mural is great for creating an artistic focal point in small spaces like hallways or bathrooms, while wallpaper works well on bigger walls such as living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.


Bring the outdoors in with a vertical garden

To create your own vertical garden, you’ll need to gather materials such as a wire basket or trellis. You can buy these items in the gardening section of most home improvement stores or during yard sales in senior communities in Orangevale, CA.


Next, purchase plants that are appropriate for indoor growing. These include herbs and greenhouse plants such as snake plants and spider plants. A good rule of thumb is to keep the total height of your wall garden under three feet tall so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.


Then carefully arrange your plants to fit snugly into their new containers. Be careful not to put too much space between them – you want them close enough together so that sunlight can reach all sides but far enough away so as not to crowd each other as they grow.


Add some character with a nice contrast

Bold colors are a great way to add contrast to any space. Take a look at the furniture you currently have and think about what hues you can play with. Pillows, throw blankets, and brightly painted chairs or tables are a few great examples of how you can place bold colors against more neutral tones.


You can also create contrast with sizes, textures, patterns, and white space. This is a fun opportunity for you to go all out and experiment with different styles.


Dress up your furniture with DIY handles

Drawers and cabinets don’t have to be boring! Add some personality to your furniture with functional and original handle or knob designs. It can be as simple as painting your dresser handles a fun color, or it can be something a little more intricate, such as replacing the knob with upcycled items like toys, bolts, or rope.


With just a few tools, a good amount of glue, and your material of choice – you can have your own fun little DIY drawer pull in no time.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of DIY project ideas. Whether you’re a young couple or a senior living in a mobile home, you’re sure to have tons of fun decorating your place to your heart’s desire, especially with the amazing features and amenities you’ll find in Heritage Oak Glen.


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